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                                   Jill Keller-Peters

She is a colorist. Wrapped up in color and its evocative power on her, she paints with a juicy inspiration that sets her work apart from other painters.

The artist uses a unique process of layering color to depict luminosity. Receiving both local and national recognition, Ms. Keller-Peters’ approach has been described as “refined and rhythmic, with visual depth.”

Jill has a solid background in photography. She shared a partnership in a premiere portrait studio in Marin County for over twenty years. When her love for design and painting began to emerge, she followed that path to more fully manifest her inner world: a world of light and color.

COLOR is the catalyst that gives voice to the qualities of light that she seeks, the vehicle that fuses element and spirit. The individual studies of this northern California and European collection are subconsciously composed of that particular quality of light and the natural organic rhythms that it plays off of.

Ms. Keller-Peters lives in the northern California wine country with her husband, Josef Keller, a chef and restaurateur. In this stunning locale, Jill creates paintings that reflect light, color and atmosphere. She is enthused to bring others to see not only the subtle delicacies in a landscape, but the unexpected changes in light, as well as the mood of the air on a particular day. Her work conveys an affirmation of the beauty, quiet strength and character of this sweet earth.

“I was first a photographer who captured light on film.

It was here that I learned to love light.

"Now I am a painter who strives to capture light with a knife and paint, for I am fascinated with light and what it can do, how it can wrap around things and change the atmosphere. My study of light and color is a natural obsession and the simple premise that drives my work. I find this curiosity and unrest can only be quieted by painting.”

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