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Michael Rosenvain's paintings echo a sentiment and mastery of chamber music scenarios.  He was born in Kiev, in the Ukraine, and raised by a mother and father who played in the classical symphony. Michael's older siblings followed in the family footsteps taking up  piano, violin, and cello.
But for Michael, another art would be his passion.  He attended art school in Kiev, then again after the family moved to Tel Aviv.  Now that he has become internationally acclaimed--only a small group of original paintings make it to the United States.  We are the most fortunate of galleries to offer such distinctive and dramatic original works.
Texture and deeply vivid layers of paint are used ever so effectively in Rosenvain's compositions.  An ambiant--electric mood resonates from each musician. Rosenvain juxtaposes colors ranging from dusty earth tones, sage greens and hints of dusty rose or salmon. Then intermingles with his signature mocha and expresso cafe tones.  This creates the backdrop to his vivid jewel tones--garnet,topaz and saffire adorning the instruments.
The result is Rosenvain's own signature avante-garde style that could come only from an artist who has "lived this world".  I hand select each paining to meet and exceed the highest standards of quality and value

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