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M. Ellen Sharp was born in Florida to parents of English descent. She was groomed to become an oil painter from her earliest years.  She spent most of her life in the South, but trips to New York and abroad cultivated a growing passion for French impressionism as it was during it's years of inception.  But Sharp's emotionally resonant figures soon became her own.  She is a living impressionist of rare distinction and passion, showing us a new age of innocence.
Sentiment and longing; ambiance and mood; nostalgia and reflection. Sometimes we find these moments in theatre, great literature; even our favorite restuarants.........................
Paintings often of a story untold.
When one finds an artist that can bring all of these elements into a single painting, it becomes something that can enrich our lives. Simply the ownership, and being in the company of her work is a continual pleasure.
For those who love impressionism, Sharp paints like no other of her time.  Her brushwork emotes while giving radiance to work that I've only seen the likes of in museum.  Her figurative pieces reflect life through the lens of a single moment.
Her colour palette is reminiscent of her adored Renoir.  Backstage scenes like those of  opening night at the ballet demonstrate Sharp's unique signature and love for Degas.

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