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                                          Yuri Tremler
 Yuri Tremler’s paintings echo the avant-garde movement from the early 20th century, themes of Bohemian life style, and i
mages depicting memories and conversation over a cocktail or coffee. Each painting is hand selected by our staff to meet and exceed the highest standard o quality and value.

Yuri Tremler was born in the Ukraine in 1961. He attended the College of Arts in Kharkov. Later he continued his studies at the Kharkov Design Academy and the Gall Design School in Germany, and worked as a theater decorator.

In 1996 Tremler immigrated to Israel, where he tried his hand in crafts and jewelry, further refining his sensibilities regarding texture, shape and function. After two years he became a full time painter, exhibiting his works regularly in Israel and the United States.

Between 1998 and 2003, Tremler created a large body of paintings, which have combined both figurative and abstract approaches. His closely related compositions show female silhouettes and goblets, flowers, and vases, often playing with the use of light, all within the context of interior settings. Yuri’s concentration on color and texture is paramount. Tremler reflects: “Besides the search for a new language in painting, I am intrigued by the contrast between shiny and matte surfaces, planes and volumes.”

Subjects of Tremler’s paintings catch the poetic moments of life, reminding us of a sudden still life left after a party, of time spent with friends, or a shared past which still excites. Sometimes whimsical and often nostalgic, Tremler’s art reaches inward to the basic emotions of humanity.

1999 Heichal Hatarbut, Tel Aviv, Israel
1999 International Bank, Tel Aviv, Israel
2000 Gesher Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2001 Square Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2002 The Opera Tower Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2002 The Art Museum, New Jersey, USA
2006 Wilton Library CT USA
2006 Galerie Judith Engelstad Sausalito, CA USA

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